You live in a peaceful world where there is 60 million dollars to be shared between 1,000 people a year. Everybody in your world makes 60,000 dollars a year (this number is significant You get to do whatever job you please. For example, you want to be in the industry of making clothing for 1,000 people. On Monday, you work the fields of cotton. On Tuesday, you sew. On Wednesday, you design patterns. On Thursday, you organize the business and manage the daily economic tasks of marketing, budgeting, and accounting. On Friday, you work in distribution and front of the counter sales. Every day of the week you have a different job with different kinds of labor demands. All of your colleagues share the fruits of design and the demand of manual labor and distribution. You get to think and you get to work. Your world is constantly new and constantly changing. Everyone in your world has the same amount and degree of education. [Think about it]

You, and everyone around you, has enough money, resources, and time to have the things you/they really need. Now you get to decide if you’re happy. Are you?